Submitted & working paper

  • Real-time allocation of the Emergency Department resources: a case study
    D Duma, R Aringhieri
    Submitted paper

  • Scheduling elective surgeries under uncertainty: a multi-objective stochastic approach
    AM Bernardelli, L Bonasera, E Vercesi, D Duma
    Working paper

  • Online algorithms for a general patient-centred scheduling problem
    R Aringhieri, D Duma, GF Squillace
    Working paper

  • A particular quadratic transportation problem
    D Duma, S Gualandi, F Malucelli
    Working paper

  • Evaluating public transport by multimodal schedule-based routing
    D Duma, M Fischetti, S Gualandi, JN Ibáñez, C Tomasi

    Working paper